10 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms List

10 weeks pregnant symptoms Congratulations! You’re now 10 weeks pregnant and just 3 weeks before you end the first trimester! A lot of things are changing in your body and you may still be experiencing some of the uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy. At 10 weeks pregnant, these symptoms sometimes become less severe and for some, they disappear entirely. If you’re wondering what you would probably be going through at this time, here’s a list of the usual 10 weeks pregnant symptoms.

Morning Sickness

You’ve probably experienced this already and for some, it can get worse when they’re 10 weeks pregnant. Dealing with nausea is difficult even for the toughest women. This usually fades by the 2nd trimester (at 14 weeks). Only a handful of women experience morning sickness until delivery. To help ease this symptom, don’t skip any meals and try drinking some ginger ale.


This is also a usual symptom at 10 weeks pregnant. This can be quite embarrassing as it can happen during the most inconvenient of times while you’re out and about in public. To lessen this possibility, you can try eating less fatty and fried food that can cause gassiness. Also, try eating smaller meals throughout the day as this will help improve your digestion and reduce the amount of gas in your stomach.


Most pregnant women at this stage feel tired and sleepy a lot of the time. While this symptom often fades within a month, it can be hard to work or do any activity at all during this time. Thus, you should just go with the flow and try to rest as much as possible. Small exercises like walking can help perk you up if you need to stay awake.

Occasional dizziness

There will be moments of dizziness or lightheadedness during this period of your pregnancy. This is because your pregnancy is causing more blood to be pumped in your body. When you feel dizzy, you can try eating a healthy snack to quickly boost your sugar or you can try lying down on your left side which will increase the blood flow to your heart. Just remember, don’t try to stand up too quickly and to rest whenever you feel dizzy to avoid accidents such as falling.

Acne and other facial breakouts

Pimples and acne are something that you can expect at 10 weeks pregnant. Your pregnancy hormone levels are high and can cause more oil to be produced by your skin which unfortunately leads to pimples and acne.

More vaginal discharge

Because of the increased level of estrogen in your body, more blood will be flowing to your pelvic area and more mucus will be generated. This vaginal discharge is usually thin and milky-white in color. This is quite normal and shouldn’t worry you. It is also unnecessary to treat it with special washes or wipes as the discharge is harmless.

Blurred vision

Because of the increase in blood volume during pregnancy, there is a possibility that your cornea will thicken and curve causing your vision to become blurred. You may also experience dry eyes. These symptoms usually disappear after your baby is born.

Belly and Uterus condition

Pay attention to your abdominal condition. You can feel your baby development by the size of your belly. Your belly may even be slightly more rounded at ten weeks pregnant. At this stage you may or may not be ready for maternity wear now. Even if you’re not the condition yet, your clothes are probably feeling uneasy or uncomfortably tight to wear.

Before you got pregnant, your uterus size was like a small pear. But this stage, it’s now as big as a grapefruit.  Hope this list of 10 weeks pregnant symptoms will guide you a lot.